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Sleeping Murder

Soon after Gwenda moved into her new home,odd things started to happen.Despite her best efforts to modernise the house,she only succeeded in dredging up its past.Worse,she felt an irrational sense of terror every time she climbed the stairs….

In fear,Gwenda turned to Miss Marple to exorcise her ghosts.Between them,they were to solve a ‘perfect’ crime committed many years before.

Sounds creepy,yeah i know but its an amazing novel written by Agatha Christie.Miss Marple is a detective who solves the crime cases in Agatha Christie`s book.Either its Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple.The difference between the two detectives is that Miss Marple`s cases are less complicated than Hercule Poirot.I`ll rate it a 10/10.It`s an amazing novel and a must read.Do read it and tell me your reviews.Happy reading to all the bookaholics. 🙂

Death on the Nile

Crime novels are the second best that i love to read apart from vampires.So this is one of the best crime novel i have ever read written by Agatha Christie.She is the crime queen and hence many of her novels are worth reading.If you are not planning to read this novel,u can watch the movie.Its equally amazing.

The tranquility of a cruise along the Nile was shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway had been shot through the head.She was young,stylish and beautiful.A girl who had everything until she lost her life.This case is solved by one of Agatha Christie`s crime solver/detective Helcule Poirot.

This book is somewhat different and very promising.You`ll love to watch the movie to understand the characters better.I`ll rate it a 10/10 for its contents and the mystery it has.We also have a game based on Death on the Nile, i have played this game and its wonderful.Do try it and tell me ur reviews.Its a must read novel for those who love mystery and crime novels.

(A part of Eclectic Reader Challenge,genre-Crime/Mystery Fiction)

Night World

Night World is a series of ten young adult fantasy novels by American author L.J Smith. The series presents a story in which vampires, witches, werewolves and shape-shifters live among humans without their knowledge. These supernatural races make up a secret society known as the Night World, which enforces two fundamental laws to prevent discovery: 1) Never allow humans to gain knowledge of the Night World’s existence and, 2) Never fall in love with one of them.

Each volume of the series follows a different protagonist (always a teenage girl) who must face various challenges involving love, the “Soulmate principle” and the Night World’s strict code.These are 3 volumes in total,in which 3 different stories are there.Some are okay while others are excellent.Its a must read novel.

The fourth novel Strange Fate would be a conclusion novel,and a very good one too.If u wont u can take the volumes as a standby as it can be read individually also,but its better u shud read all to know about the wild power and about the soulmate principle.I`ll rate it a 9/10.

List of parts of Night World:-

  1. Secret Vampire
  2. Daughters of Darkness
  3. Spellbinder
  4. Dark Angel
  5. The Chosen
  6. Soulmate
  7. Huntress
  8. Black Dawn
  9. Witchlight
  10. Strange Fate

The stories i personally like out of these were:-

  • The Chosen
  • Soulmate
  • Huntress
  • Blackdawn

Out of these four also i recommend u to first read The Chosen and Blackdawn,the rest all the 10 are also very good but these are the best.I dont recommend u to buy the Ultimate Fan Guide of Night World,its waste of money.I have it and i didnt like it as it was not worth,but yes the novels are worth ur time and money,especially the 4 i have recommended.

Do buy them,and enjoy every story and tell me ur reviews.Do comment.Happy reading to all the bookaholics…… 🙂

Blue Bloods

This is one novel which exhausted me in its search.I went to 52 bookstores but couldn`t find it but atlast i did.Again an amazing novel with a completely different concept of blue bloods and silver bloods.Though i haven`t read all,but yes i have read 6 parts to give u a good view.

Schuyler Van Alen has had trouble fitting in at Duchesne, her prestigious New York City private school. She prefers baggy, vintage clothes instead of the Prada and pearls worn by her classmates. Schuyler is an outcast at her school and only survives with the help of her best friend, Oliver Hazard-Perry. Her mother, Allegra, has been in a coma for years and her father, Stephen Chase, is believed to be dead. Schuyler lives with her grandmother, Cordelia, in a rundown mansion located in upper Manhattan. Although they share a home, Schuyler receives little affection from her grandmother.

Mimi Force is the “It” girl at Duchesne and believed to be the most beautiful girl in New York’s history. Rich, beautiful, smart and powerful, Mimi and her twin brother Jack are the most popular children at their school. Their father, Charles Force, owns a series of businesses and is influential in New York City.

Bliss Llewellyn is a new girl at Duchesne. Her big, curly red hair and cheerleading moves are not as impressive in New York as they were in Texas. She quickly gets in the popular crowd in befriending Mimi Force, but later becomes good friends with Schuyler. Her father, Forsyth Llewellyn, is a senator.

When Schuyler and Bliss are fifteen years old, their lives change dramatically. They are invited to join “The Committee,” which is made up of a select group of New York’s oldest and most influential families, including Mimi and Jack Force. When Schuyler and Bliss attend their first meeting, they learn that they are vampires (or vampyres as Bliss liked to call herself), fallen angels known as Blue Bloods. They are born again and again, forever cursed to walk the Earth in a series of different lives, or “Cycles.” Their current Cycle turns out to be an exciting one when they discover that their continued existence as Blue Bloods is being threatened by the Silver Bloods, Blue Bloods who have gone bad and are draining the life blood of other Blue Bloods. This is known as “Full Consumption” and allows the Silver Bloods to carry the life and memories of their victim inside them forever.

The series follows the full cast of characters through several exciting adventures throughout the world.I liked all the parts till now,they are all very amazing and interesting.It`s a must read novel,its not so much romantic but yes u`ll definitely enjoy it.It`s a young adult fantasy fiction mystery novel.

Each blue blood lives a normal cycle like a human, but reincarnate every 100 years. They don’t remember their past lives until they start the change to vampire in there teenage years. Then, they remember their past lives and start to develop their abilities. Every blue blood was an angel that has a twin soul they are bonded with. Sometimes the vampires have to find their twin in a cycle. They must also renew their bond every cycle, like a wedding ceremony, this unleashes the full potential of their powers and memories.

Do read these novels to find the truth about blue bloods and silver bloods.These series are written by Melissa De La Cruz.I`ll rate it a 9/10.So go and fetch the series for fun.Yeah i know u`ll definitely find some names very weird but still whats there in a name.Do read it and tell me ur views.

List of all the parts of Blue Bloods novel:-

  1. Blue Bloods
  2. Masquerade
  3. Revelations
  4. The Van Alen Legacy
  5. Misguided Angel
  6. Lost in Time
  7. The Gates of Paradise- will be published in January 2013.