Digital Fortress-by Dan Brown

When the United States National Security Agency‘s code-breaking supercomputer (TRANSLTR)-(u pronounce it as translator) encounters a new and complex code—Digital Fortress—that it cannot break, Commander Trevor Strathmore calls in Susan Fletcher, their head cryptographer, to crack it. She discovers that it was written by Ensei Tankado, a former NSA employee who became displeased with the NSA’s intrusion into people’s private lives. Tankado intends to auction the code’s algorithm on his website and have his partner, “NDAKOTA”, release it for free if he dies. Essentially holding the NSA hostage, the agency is determined to stop Digital Fortress from becoming a threat to national security.It`s a science-fiction,techno thriller novel.

So,before last October i never expected to read any of Dan Brown`s novels.This was gifted to me on my birthday by one of my friends who know`s i love novels.So i started reading it.I don`t know why but i had this impression in my mind that Dan Brown writes mystery novels.And i have read some novels by Agatha Christie so i found them very interesting but at the same time very complicated to keep a track.So i thought maybe this will turn out to be the same.But wait till u start reading it,its an amazing,min-blowing,wonderful,brilliant(forgot more words) novel.

And wait till u get a hold over the cracked code.It`s far from anyone to judge,and that makes it a brilliant cum balanced novel.I appreciate Dan Brown who was able to hold the readers with the mystery till the end.

I`ll give it a 10/10,and its a must read novel even if u dont like such genres.Do rush to the stores and read it and tell me how u liked it.Agree with my view or not?

(A part of Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012,genre-Science Fiction)


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