Morganville Vampires

So we have actually 15 novels in this series.The 12th novel is going to be released this May and the 13th this November.So its a very sweet and an interesting novel with a simple and good story which revolves around the town Morganville.The series is written by Rachel Caine.So in short The Morganville Vampires is a series of young adult urban fantasy/vampire novels written by Rachel Caine The novels feature Claire Danvers (i like her name),who is a student at Texas Prairie University, and her housemates in the vampire-controlled city of Morganville, Texas. While the mayor of Morganville is human, unbeknownst to most of the population the town is actually run in cooperation with a group of vampires.Morganville is also home to an unusually large number of second-hand thrift stores.Morganville,Texas is just South of normal.

One problem with the town:Morganville isn`t what it seems.It`s the last safe place for vampires, and that makes it not very safe at all for the humans who venture in for work or school.The vampires rule the town….and everyone who lives in it.

What i like about this story is that its not introducing all the characters in a hurry,but what`s it doing is that you`ll get to know new characters at different steps and not all together that will make you confused.I like the character Micheal a lot because he is very sweet and i also like Claire as she is sweet too.She is a minor yet she handles everything in a good way like we should all do.I searched for this novel for a month.By searched i don`t mean to say that i was finding it at the stores but what i meant was that i was looking out for reviews and storyline and characters,and much more.And like i said it proved to be very useful as the novel turned out to be good.Same way again i am not able to put it down as its very interesting with a mysterious Micheal Glass,a minor Claire Danvers,sweet and charming Shane Collins and Gothic make-up but a good confident girl Eve Rosser.So i`ll rate it a 9.5/10 or even a full but at least i`ll cut a half for something or the other which i am waiting to find.I am currently on the fifth novel and i have ordered the 6th one so i can say that still i have a long way to go before completely finishing it.There are different situations and things taking place in this story so i wont be able to explain u all of it but yes the mysteries do get unfolded but at certain levels with a good spice involved.

Its a must read novel from my side so rush and read it,and do tell me what all you think about it.And frankly speaking all the novels i`ll advice you would be a must read for u all if u r a vampire fan.And if any queries or any comments do leave it for me to read and reply.

List of all the parts of Morganville Vampires:-

  1. Glass Houses
  2. The Dead Girls Dance
  3. Midnight Alley
  4. Feast of Fools
  5. Lord of Misrule
  6. Carpe Corpus
  7. Fade Out
  8. Kiss Of Death
  9. Ghost Town
  10. Bite Club
  11. Last Breath
  12. Black Dawn-1 May 2012
  13. Bitter Blood-6 November 2012
  14. Still to be released
  15. Still to be released

(A part of Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012,genre-Urban Fanatsy)


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