Quote Your Life With Some Quotes…..

  • The alphabet O stands for opportunity which is not present is Yesterday,come once in tOday and thrice in tOmOrrOw.So be hopeful always.
  • When everything is going dark and dim,don`t worry…..God is actually switching off the lights before throwing a surprise party 🙂
  • Nature runs a restaurant called KARMA(fruit or result of life).It`s a place where there is no need to place any order…..You are served what you deserve.
  • Relationships are like stapler pins-Its easy to attach but hard to detach and worst is when you are able to detach it,it still leaves the paper Damaged.
  • Bees that have honey in their mouth have stings in their tail.So be careful from people who pretend to be sweet,becoz sweetness in in the honey and not in the bee.
  • When we build a house every brick counts.When we build our character every thought counts.So feed your minds daily with positive thoughts.


I`ll post more such thoughts for you all.




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