Quotes-To coat your life with magic

  • Life is a book of mystery.You never know which page will bring a good twist in your life.So keep on reading because happiness comes when it is most unexpected.
  • Don`t keep your dreams in your eyes as they may fall as tears.Keep them in your heart so that every heartbeat can remind you about that.
  • The alphabet “A” does not come in the spellings of 1-999.It comes only once in 1000(thousAnd) and then continues.Success comes with patience.
  • The difference between dream and aim is that dream needs soundless sleeps to see but whereas an aim needs sleepless nights to achieve.
  • A well-wisher is not the one who talks to you everyday.A well-wisher is the one who may or may not talk to you but always think about your happiness.
  • Everyday sun rises to give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light.
  • The richest person is not the one who has the most,but the one who needs the least.

More quotes to come your way shortly………..


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