Top 10 safety websites that women must know about

Self-defence Instruction for women online aims is to acquaint girls with basic self-defence moves that will help them when in trouble. The goal is to help them develop a successful plan before something happens. Basic self defence

moves given on the website have been designed by professionals who have years of experience in creating self-defence programs. The practical self-defence moves are specifically crafted for women/girls, who have no previous training in combatives, or martial arts. Log on to this site to learn these easy moves and stay safe.

On this website detective Kevin Coffey, an expert in travel safety and other crime avoidance advice, lists important safety measures that women should take in their daily lives. From smart safety travel tips on how to avoid date rape drugs, tips to prevent rape and escape from the rapist to a host of other safety tips from experts including women cops, the website has a comprehensive coverage of various safety issues surrounding women. The detailed presentation of these topics with subheads makes it easier for one to implement the instructions. For instance, safety tips for women travellers has sub-topics such as how to choose a hotel, how to have a safe flight, how to take care of your luggage, money and etc.

The safety tips given on this website provide you with common day to day measures that you can take to protect yourself against criminal activity. Each of the articles listing safety tips give information on real life threatening scenarios and how you can prepare yourself to ensure your safety. Having the knowledge and a pre-planned set of actions to take for as many scenarios of danger as you may face, can improve your chances of not getting victimised. Some of the articles on this website are on ATM safety, driving safety, home safety, parking lot safety, transportation safety, travel safety, vacation safety, and walking safety.

This is yet another website that should feature in a woman’s must-check list. There are a wide range of topics on women safety that are covered here. Beginning with safe dating tips, night-outs, returning home late from work, solo boating safety practices, to tips on how to be safe in unfamiliar countries, use the cell phone safely and more, there’re a host of useful tips for women. It also has a special section for single pregnant travellers. Most of these tips are handy and can help avert awkward and uncomfortable situations. Also it tells you what to do if you are being followed, if you are walking alone to your home at night, if you are out on your first date with a person you don’t know well, and more.

This website by a woman called Sera is meant for women. Though on the outset it may look like any regular website offering beauty, shopping, health and fitness tips and easy recipes but delve a little further in the tips section, and you come across interesting tips on how to stay safe at night. The website suggests you take your dog along with you, carry a weapon like pepper spray or a knife, tell someone where you are heading to, be confident etc. It also provides you with tactics to deal with burglars.

6 )
A comprehensive women safety website that gives out self-defence tips and tricks for women. The USP of the website is one new safety tip that pops up on the top right side, prompting what to do when caught in a life-threatening situation. It also has a section on domestic violence and how to deal with it. The category titled common threats enumerates all possible threats that a woman is likely to face, and ways to avoid them. It encourages readers to share their stories and ways through which they got out of a dangerous situation. It also has pictures showing self-defence methods when one is attacked.

7 )
The website has put up life-saving lessons taken from real life interactions with children’s groups, college students, civic groups, corporations, rape survivors, and veteran cops at police academies. There is also a special section on home security that creates awareness about home invasions and burglaries and also gives safety tips on how to avoid them. You will also find the inputs on safe driving, parking lot safety, and street crime tips quite useful. The real-life stories throughout this website show you how to stack the odds in your favour. You’ll also find tips on how to avoid a face-to-face encounter, control fear, and most importantly, how to outsmart them.

8 )
Women-related laws and women-centric issues are tackled in detail in this resourceful website. The online portal simplifies laws and makes women aware of their legal and safety rights. Many real life stories and legal cases with the verdict are available on the website for women to refer to and learn from them. Some interesting must-reads here are Legal Rights: Problems Faced by Working Women in India; Indian Laws: Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill. So, if you have any doubts regarding your rights and don’t know what to do, try logging into this website, and know about the your laws in details, without having to worry about tough language or incomprehensible jargon. The cases in example act as good reference points for women.

All motorists need to be careful on the highway, but female drivers of all ages, unfortunately, have to be doubly vigilant to avoid becoming victims of crimes while driving, including carjacking, sexual assault, robbery and worse. Articles on this website give tips to women on such issues so that such unwarranted incidents of carjacking, robbery, sexual assault by a passenger etc can be avoided. This website has everything that you need to know about safe commuting. Read up before you take to the roads, and be safe.

This website gives practical and helpful tips to women who are living alone or are planning to live alone for the first time. Right from choosing an accommodation to installing alarm systems, and getting to know the neighbours, the site tells you everything that you need to know about safety and security when you are on your own. You can also find information about your legal rights when it comes to taking a place on rent, dealing with the landlord and other issues related to accommodation. Detailed and simplified explanations make this website quite
user-friendly too.


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