Murder on the Orient Express

A man called Ratchett is murdered on the Orient Express.
He turns out to be a gangster known as Cassetti, who
killed three members of the same family (the Armstrongs)
and one of their employees. A Belgian detective, Poirot,
investigates. There are many confusing clues, but
he eventually discovers that all the passengers and a
conductor are in some way connected to the Armstrong
family and twelve of them are guilty of the murder. Poirot
decides not to tell the police, however, presumably because
he believes they are justified in their actions.

This was my first novel by Agatha Christie.Thanks to our school that recommended us to read this as a supplementary reading book.This book is very complicated as it has a list of characters of which u`ll definitely lose a track if u do not write it down somewhere.But those with good memory dont need to.This book is excellent as it has many elements and definitely a lot of mystery,confusion and suspense.I find it as one of the best crime novels i have ever read.So i`ll rate it a 9/10.Do read it tell me ur reviews,dont be lazy to just press the like button and not comment. 🙂 So happy reading to all the bookaholics.






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