To Sir With Love

Rick Braithwaite is a young black man, born in South America, who just got out of the Air Force. Now in Britain, Braithwaite is looking for a career, mainly to pay for food, but things do not work out as planned. He comes to know the malady of prejudice very well, as he is turned down from job after job. Braithwaite describes feeling “caught like an insect in the tweezers grip of prejudice.” Teaching becomes the therapy to set him free. When Mr. Braithwaite took the job as a teacher, he did not expect his students to be barbaric savages. Braithwaite has a hard time as he counters the cynicism of his impressionable students and, now and then, that of his colleagues also. The difficulties he faces, in getting students to focus on aspirations in the future rather than the upcoming weekend are painfully true. The need for inventive and genuine approaches to these educational challenges is abundantly clear. Gradually, he wins over the minds of his students as he tries to wipe clean their minds of prejudices. With hard work and dedication, he turns this class of delinquents into a class of young men and women with class. The whole time, Mr. Braithwaite realizes that it is not his skin color that is holding him back, but his attitude. He reflects that, “At first it was terrible, but gradually I’m learning what it means to live with dignity inside my black skin.”

This book was again recommended by our school so we had to read it.But let me tell you,its an awesome read and u`ll all love it.The theme and background of this book is completely different from the other books i`ve read,so i really enjoyed it.The lesson from this story we get is that all people in this world are equal.We should not discriminate people on the basis on color or any other ideological background.Hence with this good thought in mind,i definitely recommend this book to all.I`ll rate it a 10/10 for how Rick found his way through the people whom he loved and who hated it and criticised him.Its by E.R Braithwaite.We also have a movie based on it,so you can even watch that.

Do read it and tell me your reviews.This is a question for all-Do u believe in racial discrimination? or have u ever witnessed any such thing? If yes do tell the reasons.Happy reading to all the bookaholics. 🙂


What`s your opinion?

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