Archive | June 28, 2016

Communication Gap

Life is so ironic. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence and absence to Value Presence….

Today’s generation is so very prone to breaking relations with the blink of an eye… For them its a child play. By saying this i am not denying the fact that they dont maintain or value relations but simply that its getting easy for people to forget their close ones and “move on”.
The root cause is the all time evil…Miscommunication or Communication Gap. This is true of every possible relation till date…be it husband-wife,girlfriend-boyfriend,parents and their children,brother and sister,friends and so on…as the list is endless.
When you love and care for someone,learn to keep your ego aside. Also learn to stop saying that the other one should take initiatives. Its beautifully said that while counting the stars you can actually lose the moon. Have you ever imagined how come its easy for you to forgive yourself even after making hundreds and thousands of mistakes but its so difficult for you to forget one mistake that your loved one makes?

We are living in the virtual world today where everything is available online…including people…like online chatting,finding your matched pairs through wedding sites,whatsapp and facebook just to name a few. The human touch and contact which is so important for us to maintain our relations is absent these days. We fight and argue and even decide to ignore and shut the person…but we dont try to call and meet for sorting out the same issues. Things and emotions pile up and and are never resolved.
In the battle between love and ego…let love win. You have someone who says I Love You almost daily? Or show them in their acts? KEEP THEM. It require guts and consistent feelings to do so… Not everyone can. Appreciate this and revert back in whatever ways possible. In todays time selfishness and self interest are the upperhands. In this darkness if you are getting hold of caring people then they are your very ray of light and hope. Dont shut them down. Embrace them with open arms. You never know which is the last moment you would be spending with your loved ones. They fight with u? So what? Why would someone spend their energy and tears if they dont love u? Stop,think and then understand why they are doing so. Its not worth to jump to conclusions many a times without giving a second thought. And dont form assumptions.

Follow these three rules always….1) accept when someone complains about you 2) dont argue or give unnecessary justifications…simply say sorry… 3) ask for solutions so that u dont repeat… And dont forget to say i love u.
Thats it. This way the one offended and hurt would feel better and respected and the problem would be sorted too. Always remember the key to any relation is communication. When you have been given the ability to speak so why not speak something good and build that up into something strong? Why let go of good people for silly and stupid misunderstandings? Why not say a simple sorry and I love you when you can? Why wait for the time when they have already left? Why let someone go to sleep with tears in their eyes? Why not call them once and simply say please sleep well,i am always with you…? Why stay silent and ignore when you can make that person feel special as he/she is a part of your own heart? Why not complement them for each thing they do for u? Why not take the responsibility to set their mood on track with your little efforts? WHY? Arent they those people you yourself love? Do answer the why parts for own yourself… For once learn to introspect.

So surprise whom you love with calls,visits,outings,small cute gifts and lovely messages daily… Click pics of every moment so that years later you can look back again and feel the happiness to relive the moment. Never lose a chance to enjoy… And never lose any opportunity to make them smile. For they smile…you would too.

So, Never leave a true relation when u see some faults… Be patient and realise that nobody is perfect…
Its affection that matters and not perfection.