Rating Rules

Every blogger has different rules for his or her rating system so here`s mine.I rate my books out of 10.

According to my rating rules, “1” is the lowest rating,and i am sure i wont be able to ever use it and “10” being the highest one.

1,2,3,4/10– The book was a fiasco and under any circumstances don`t read it as it would be a waste of money and i don`t know what was going in the writer`s mind while writing it.

5/10– Yes the book was an average but still it lacks the main content,and the writer has given a miss of several things at certain intervals.So for a mere past-time go and fetch it but u lose ur own money for nothing good.

 6,7/10– Yeah the book has gone along with the flow due to its content and characters and its good but still it has certain flaws that are noticeable.

8,9/10 – Great and excellent book.i would definitely recommend it to a friend or anyone else.Don`t skip it if u r a fan of its genre and many more stuff…..

10/10– Amazing book,and a must read.  🙂