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Can You Keep A Secret ????

Emma Corrigan is a young woman in London, England. She is in a stable, but dull, relationship with the “perfect” man, and is currently attempting to climb the corporate ladder at Panther Cola, a multi-national cola company headquartered in London. Satisfied with life, she is thrown off-kilter when she mistakenly blurts out all of her inner secrets to a complete stranger on a plane when it hits turbulence and she believes she is going to die.

Emma believes that she is in the clear when she leaves the plane, as she is confident that she will never see that stranger again. However, when he shows up at work, and turns out to be the company’s founder, she is forced to come face-to-face with the man, her secrets, and the desire for her life to change.

Its an awesome book.I mean i was rolling on the floor with laughter.You`ll always find a smile on your face while reading this book.Telling all your secrets to a person whom u consider to be a stranger and then if he turns out to be your boss,then u can imagine the disaster.And moreover what if your secrets are revealed? I`ll rate it a 10/10…..its an awesome comedy novel and a must read by Sophie Kinsella.

I cant say that Emma is dumb but yes she is very sweet and funny and rather a bit clumsy in what she speaks….and u can understand that by knowing all her weird secrets.So again its a must read and i totally love Jack Harper,the person to whom she revealed all her secrets.He never misses any chance to remind Emma of all her secrets.So go and fetch the book as its light and worth reading…..Happy reading to all the bookaholics…..Do comment and ask any questions regarding this book.Feel free please. 🙂 So can  u keep a secret?????